My name is Sabrina and I'm the photographer here at Black Honey Portraits. I started my photography journey a while back. Growing up I always loved looking at magazines and either imaging myself in them, or at the places they showed. I quickly realized I would never be one of the people in the pretty magazines or on one of my favorite shows, America's Next Top Model. I'm okay with that. 

  I know what it is like having zero self confidence and feeling down about yourself. That is why it is my goal to show others the beauty I see in them. So, if you need help feeling good about your self, or you know you are fabulous, let's get together and create a session! Want to be the star of your own magazine? I can do that. 

  Feeling like you want to be a model for a day? Or maybe you aren't comfortable around cameras, or even think you aren't the kind of person to get photos taken. I got you. I'm a weird person, I understand your fears. I'm not one of those happy-go-lucky photographers. I don't have a bubbly personality. Me in a nutshell- I'm down to earth and high maintenance at the same time, kind of on the serious side. I love music and going to concerts. Travelling is my life, as are my cats. I'm a bit of a nerd, and if you believe in astrology I'm a Taurus Sun. 

 So now that you know about me lets get to know you and make some sickly sweet magical images!