I’m Sabrina, a senior, maternity, and fashion photographer.

Helping people see the beauty in themselves.

I'm a nerd. A weird nerd. I love all things Marvel, Star Wars, and NFL. Cat mom, always. Introvert. Patient. I'm a simple person, traveling, make up, wigs, and my Jughead beanie are all I need in life.

I love trying new photography things, and down for shooting almost anything.


Fact 1

I was born in Idaho and spent my summers in Arizona, so I developed a love for travelling.


Fact 2

I have 2 cats. Apollo and Bucky. I got Bucky from a friend when they found her with her head stuck behind a fridge in an alley...we thought Bucky was a boy...


Fact 3

I love seeing people express themselves. Capturing different personalities gives me joy.


Fact 4

Fantasia traumatized me as a kid. I couldn't watch it until I was 18. Those flying horses...


From start to finish Sabrina was as excited about our family photos as we were! She was very communicative and gave us so many locations to choose from. She didn't just take pictures of us, she locked in memories that we can look back at forever! We're so happy with our pictures!!! Thank you Sabrina!!!