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Ana and the Giveaway!

This is a horribly late post! I've been so busy this summer and "fall" I haven't had much time to write, or edit personal photos. But, back in May I held a giveaway for a free session. All you had to do was nominate someone you felt deserved a photo shoot, and tell me why. I honestly only had about 4 or 6 entries, I can't remember but it wasn't many.

I put the names in a bowl, spun them around, and my little kitten "helped" me choose one. And by help I mean he grabbed one and took off with it. The winner was the lovely Ana. Her sweet and gorgeous daughter Evelyn nominated her for a maternity session.

When getting the details from Evelyn, I learned they lived in a town a couple of hours from me! I was thinking like oh no, I've never been to that area before. But then I realized they were close to the St. Anthony Sand Dunes. I've been dying to do a shoot up there. When I talked to Ana she was all for it!

I had done a styled shoot-out up there many years ago, but I couldn't find nor could I remember where the location we used was. I head up there early to scout like I usually do, and found a few easy to get to places. I just need to get an ATV type of thing and get into shape! Walking up sand is hard! As I was waiting at the dunes for Ana and co. to arrive I saw these dark and beautiful storm clouds arriving in the distance. We were safe from them, but they made the sky in the background look amazing!

Ana and her family arrived so we started our trek up a baby sand hill to our first location. Her son and husband ran up it and the next big hill, me and Ana struggled. Her because she's carrying her little one inside, me because I'm over weight and out of shape! The first location reminded me of the sandy beaches we see in the movies on the East Coast, heaven!

After that we headed back down so Ana could change outfits. As she was changing, another car pulled up. It was another photographer and his clients. We went back up the bunny hill, they went up over the huge hill behind us. Someday I'll get over there!

After we finished with that we headed off to Egin Lake. I got Ana to walk into the lake. It looked so magical! The reflection from the sky made it look like Ana was standing in the actual clouds! It was a great session and it felt good helping someone get something they otherwise wouldn't of had!