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Hello and Welcome!

Hello and welcome to my photography website and this blog! Growing up I've always been fascinated with pictures. My favorites are landscapes and nature. A few years back I heard about this Gossip Girl photography shoot out, it sounded like fun. It was put on by the lovely gals at Evolved Workshops (if you are a photographer check them out!). It was an absolutely amazing experience. I had never really photographed people before, so it was way different. Some of the photos from that shoot are still my favorite, and that was years ago. That shoot got me interested in photographing people. I'm not the kind of person to judge people on appearances, I think everyone is beautiful on the outside. My hope with my photography is to help other look and feel as beautiful as I see them. I'm just starting to get serious about my photography journey, I'm kind of the person who starts something but never finishes it. But it is high time I grew up. Like all photographers who were just starting out, its going to be a rocky experience. I can't wait to see where my growth takes me. I hope you follow along and support me on this journey. Due to my work schedule and very very poor financial mistakes I made when I was younger, and poor health it is going to be a slow journey. But I am certain in time it will be worth it, and the growth I make will be incredible! I should just warn you now, I'm horrible at writing. Please forgive me. This website and blog will just be for portrait work and the occasional helpful tips or information. If you wish to see my photography travels here is that blog: https://blackhoneyphotography.wordpress.com/